Convergence Documentation Services (CDS) is an organization whose core purpose is embodied in its corporate slogan “Providing Solutions for a better life”.

Our main business is sending people to other countries for migration, work, study and visit. We provide application services (facilitation of application and documentation) for professionals, skilled workers and students.

Convergence Documentation Services have been giving assistance to applicants for more than eight years now. Prior to the company’s inception, its officers and directors were engaged in the same field of expertise thus give the company CORE COMPETENCE and COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE unique in our organization.

The company is composed of a team of industry experts with diversified years of experience in different fields of expertise couple with technically trained staff who efficiently meet the challenges of their jobs.

Our applicants are mostly Filipinos and residents from Asian region who are desirous of emigrating, working, doing business and studying in countries such as the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and United Kingdom.


CONVERGENCE DOCUMENTATION SERVICES or CDS is engaged in facilitating and processing applications bound for US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and UNITED KINGDOM in most legal means.  For several years now, we have sent Filipinos and other nationalities to these countries depending on type of applications suitable to their qualifications.

Arrays of benefits are very open to successful applicants such as the chance to develop a lifetime career, work, study, do business, unlimited travel opportunities and stay permanently in these countries together with your immediate family. Options are also open to petition other family members such as parents, brothers and sisters.

Likewise, the governments of these countries extend additional benefits and opportunities once an applicant becomes holder of Permanent Residency Status – such as insurances, allowances, comprehensive medical coverage for the whole family, free or funded quality education for all your dependent children, lifetime career and high-paying jobs, opportunities to establish business and investments. A bright new life, secured future and high standard of living are possible not only for you but also for your whole family.

Furthermore, we give advice and counsel to enhance your chances to LIVE permanently, STUDY, WORK or INVEST in these countries,  guide you with step by step procedures, provide you with much needed requirements,  and other legitimate concerns like – how you can start your application at the least possible costs. We suggest that you consider highly immediate action on this matter. The occupational shortage list and labour market demand are very dynamic and never permanent. Periodically, these listings are being revised based on the actual labour needs.  Likewise, keep in mind, approval of your application will be made possible have you provide and submit a well prepared application and right documents for the embassy’s review and finalization.

We at CONVERGENCE DOCUMENTATION SERVICES are more than always willing to extend our utmost services.


Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital Outreach Program – Corporate Social Responsibility
FREE Orientation Seminar / Qualification Assessment featuring Guest Speaker Mr. Rizaldy Mutuc – International Director, Charlton Brown Colleges, Brisbane Australia
FREE Orientation Seminar/Qualification Assessment/Application Consultation
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