Many of us are dreaming of studying abroad, especially the kids nowadays because they believe that studying abroad can give them a better job or life without worrying about their future. Others are lucky enough to fulfill their dreams because they can afford it and live a luxury life abroad. But for others, they are always hoping and trying to get a scholarship in different universities abroad to make their dream in studying to abroad become reality or if not it will be just a dream for them forever.

Studying abroad is difficult because not all people are fit to live in another country. The reason can be the climate, cost of living, environment, people and others cannot handle their homesick.  If you decided to study abroad, there are lots of things that you have to consider. Because again studying outside your comfort zone is not easy and you will encounter lots of challenges along the way.

  • Although I am not in the position to give advice or tips when it comes to this topic. I am actually one of those people who also dream to study, live and work abroad that’s why I do my own research on how to do it, what are the process and risk, finances, and some challenges when you are studying abroad. Again, because of my own research I came along some ideas on how and what will be the best ways to do it.  Having said that, I would like share with you on what I have learned during my research. Below are tips that I got and hope it will help you come up with your decision:
  • When making a decision in working abroad, do not forget to talk to your parents or guardians to ask for their permission, especially if you are a minor. Before you apply for any scholarship, student visa or etc., you have to consider first your parents or guardians by talking to them and ask for their blessing to study abroad. This is one of the most important things that you have to remember.
  • You need to be physically and emotionally ready. Of course, when you’ve already decided to study abroad, you have to be ready. Why? Because or maybe perhaps this is your first time to live independently. You also have to be ready in dealing with different kind of people or nationalities, the environment, lifestyle and others challenges that you may encounter.
  • Your budget is the utmost important. When you study abroad, you also have to consider your budget. Because you will definitely cover all the expenses like the school application, your student visa processing fee, other documentation fees that will be accrued during the processing, tuition fee, accommodation and of course your daily expenses once you left and start studying.
  • Try to look for a legit outsourcing visa processing company. If you don’t have a relative in the country that you want to go to school it is best to get an agency that is an expert on this kind of job. But you have to make sure that it is a legit company. By getting their services, it will be easy for you to process your student visa and they can work on it as fast as they can. Also by getting their services, they will help or assist you in looking for accommodation where you can stay while studying abroad and a possible part-time job.
  • Another important thing that you need to consider also is the courses that you would like to get or study. It is important that you are sure of what you will be studying to avoid wasting money. So you need to think twice or triple when you are choosing the right course.

Although there are so many tips, articles, and blogs throughout the Internet. The decision still comes from your end and also you have to be ready because not all people who study abroad succeeded because of some reason. That’s why you have to think of it very thoroughly before you make any decision. The best people to talk about these are still your parents or relatives because they are the one who knows you well.

If you have planned to study abroad, invest your time now by attending a free seminar, orientation, and assessment on how and what to expect when studying abroad. Remember studying abroad is not that easy, it will be a lot of sacrifices and challenges, just be ready and prepared for whatever happens along the way.